A Pastacular Augmented Reality Prototyping App

Augmented Reality is a lot of fun but the process of building and iterating mixed-reality prototypes can sometimes be a complicated business. What if there was a way to quickly visualize augmented reality concepts directly on your mobile device?

a woman is testing an AR prototype in a museum

As makers of spatial experiences, we wanted a way to test our ideas, to illustrate our concepts, and to share the fun of creation with our partners. Most importantly, we wanted this process to be easy, playful, and without the technology getting in the way. This is why we developed Spaghetti AR.

example screens from Spaghetti AR

Spaghetti AR is an iOS app that lets you draw and place virtual content in the physical space around you then record videos of your creations. It works like an AR sketchbook: a minimalistic prototyping tool that is easy to use and play around with, but still full of possibilities.

example screens from Spaghetti AR

Download Spaghetti AR!

You can download Spaghetti AR for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. If you notice any bugs or glitches, please let us know at

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